AB de Villiers Predicts ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Finalists

Former South African captain AB de Villiers has shared his predictions and insights about the ICC World Cup 2023, offering his thoughts on potential winners and finalists. During a Q&A session on YouTube, de Villiers gave his perspective on which teams could excel in the tournament.

De Villiers considers India, England, and Australia the strong contenders for the World Cup trophy. He believes these three teams have the capability and resources to perform well in the tournament.
While many experts have named Pakistan a favorite, de Villiers suggests Pakistan has a good chance of performing well. He acknowledges their potential and includes them among the competitive teams.

De Villiers expresses his desire to see South Africa make it to the top four in the tournament. He acknowledges that it’s risky but emphasizes his belief in his home team’s capabilities.

“India. I think they will go on to win it over there again. It’s going to be a fairytale World Cup. India, England, and Australia got to go with the big three. Then I want to go with South Africa, even though Pakistan also has a good chance. So, the fourth team will be South Africa,” De Villiers said.

De Villiers predicts that the wickets in the World Cup are likely to be good throughout the tournament, reducing the possibility of encountering poor wickets that might favor certain teams over others.

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“I’ve gone with three non-sub-continent teams there, which is risky. But I will stick to it because I think the wickets will be good. I don’t think the World Cup will see bad wickets during the tournament duration,” he added.

De Villiers envisions a final match between defending champions England and India. He believes this showdown would be fantastic for the tournament, even though he wishes to see South Africa in the final.

Overall, de Villiers’ predictions highlight the tournament’s competitiveness and the uncertainty surrounding cricket’s marquee event. While acknowledging the strong contenders, he also emphasizes the potential for surprises and standout performances from various teams.

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