“You’ve got to evolve with the game, no matter how big a player you are…”: Ravi Shastri’s Massive Statement On Virat Kohli

With the impending return of former Indian skipper Virat Kohli to international cricket in the Asia Cup, former India head coach Ravi Shastri has made noteworthy comments regarding Kohli’s need to evolve his batting approach for crucial tournaments like the Asia Cup and the ICC World Cup 2023. Kohli, a linchpin in India’s batting lineup, is central to the team’s aspirations in these mega-events. Shastri’s remarks reflect the significance of adapting one’s game to stay at the forefront of international cricket.

Shastri emphasized the importance of growth and adaptation in the ever-changing landscape of cricket. Drawing parallels to accomplished players like Joe Root, Steve Smith, and Kane Williamson, Shastri highlighted that these cricketing giants have successfully evolved their batting styles to meet the demands of modern cricket. He suggests that Kohli, too, must embrace this principle, continuously adapting to new trends and innovations in the game to maintain his dominance on the field.

“You’ve got to evolve with the game, no matter how big a player you are, and the same applies to Virat Kohli. You watch around the world, look at players like Joe Root, Steve Smith, or, for that matter, Kane Williamson, or Kohli himself in certain stages in his career,” said Shastri.

In a time when the cricketing world is witnessing constant innovations, Shastri’s message resonates with the need for players to align their strategies with contemporary trends. The advent of new templates in batting and gameplay requires players to refine their skills and adopt fresh approaches. Kohli, regarded as one of the finest modern-day batsmen, must heed this advice to ensure his effectiveness in high-pressure tournaments.

“You’ve got to evolve and move with the times because there are innovations out there. Some players want to up the ante. There is a different template in place at the moment. You have to evolve constantly, not just Virat Kohli, but every batsman in that lineup,” he added.

During the discussion, Sandeep Patil highlighted the importance of Hardik Pandya’s role as an all-rounder in the Indian white-ball squads. While Pandya faced criticism over his captaincy and individual performance in the T20I series against West Indies, Patil pointed out that he should remember his dual role as a batsman and a bowler. Patil commended Pandya’s previous display of responsibility when he captained the Gujarat team in the IPL, emphasizing that he should bring that approach to the Indian setup.

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“I don’t know at what number he is going to bat. But he should not forget that he will be on the team as an all-rounder, not just as a batsman. He had shown responsibility when he handled the Gujarat team in the IPL,” Sandeep Patil highlighted.

With the Asia Cup just around the corner, both Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya are set to make their returns to the Indian team. The significance of their contributions cannot be overstated, especially considering India’s highly anticipated clash against Pakistan on September 2 in Pallekele. Kohli’s adaptation and Pandya’s multifaceted role will be crucial in India’s quest for success in these challenging tournaments.

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