WTC 2023: Why Is The World Test Championship Final Played In England? Check The Reason

The World Test Championship (WTC) has reached its pinnacle as India and Australia prepare to battle it in the much-anticipated final at The Oval in London. With the prestigious title of the “king of the cricket world” at stake, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the clash between these two cricketing giants.

While England consistently hosts the WTC final, it raises the question of why the International Cricket Council (ICC) repeatedly entrusts England with this responsibility.

Catering to the Indian Audience One significant factor behind England being chosen as the venue for the WTC final is timing. India, the largest cricket market, holds considerable importance for the ICC in revenue generation. Hence, the ICC considers the Indian audience while scheduling significant tournaments. By selecting a suitable timing that aligns with the Indian viewership, the ICC ensures maximum engagement and financial success for the event.

June provides a favourable window for the WTC final, but not all cricket-playing nations can accommodate matches during this period. Countries like India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and South Africa face challenges such as heavy rainfall, the onset of monsoons, extreme heat, or cold weather in June.

On the other hand, England experiences relatively more precise and more pleasant weather during this time. This weather advantage makes England an ideal host for the WTC final, reducing the chances of weather-related disruptions and ensuring a fair contest between the teams.

A Cricketing Hotspot in London, where The Oval is situated, serves as an international tourist hub during the summer season, spanning from May to September in England. The influx of tourists benefits cricket matches held in the city, including the WTC final. The presence of a diverse and enthusiastic crowd adds to the spectacle and atmosphere of the game, making it a memorable experience for players and fans alike. London’s appeal as a tourist destination and its rich cricketing heritage make it a favourite choice for hosting high-profile cricket events.

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The Epic Clash In this year’s WTC final, India, currently at the top of the ICC Test rankings, faces Australia, a formidable opponent ranked second. Led by Rohit Sharma, the Indian team aims to seize this opportunity after falling short in the 2021 edition against New Zealand. Test cricket, often considered the epitome of the sport, takes centre stage with the white jerseys as the teams battle for supremacy.

The WTC final represents the ultimate pinnacle in Test cricket, serving as the equivalent of a World Cup for the most extended format of the game. India and Australia earned their spot in the final through their consistent performances over the two-year-long championship, featuring 27 test series and 72 test matches.

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