Will Pakistan Not Play In Asia Cup And ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023? PCB Chief Provided Shocking Update

The Pakistan Cricket Board has threatened to boycott the Asia Cup 2023 and the World Cup 2023 to be held in India this year. The Pakistan Cricket Board says that if India does not play the Asia Cup 2023 in their country this year, they will also not come to India to play the World Cup in October-November.

Explain that India wants the Asia Cup to be organized in Sri Lanka or UAE, but the Pakistan Cricket Board wants to organize this tournament in its own country at any cost. If this does not happen, Pakistan can boycott the Asia and World Cup.

Pakistan Cricket Board President Najam Sethi said that if Team India does not come to Pakistan to play in the Asia Cup, the Pakistan team will also not go to India to participate in the upcoming ODI World Cup.

Najam Sethi said, “India should not create such a situation where we have to boycott the Asia Cup and the World Cup and then let India boycott the Champions Trophy. India should reconsider its decision of not playing in Pakistan. This decision of India can have dangerous consequences. We also have security concerns for our team in India. If the decision is not changed, then it will come to boycott the World Cup. Other countries are also coming to Pakistan and playing cricket.”

Earlier, PCB Chief Najam Sethi stated that other sports teams are coming to Pakistan for other tournaments. So why the Indian cricket team can’t travel to Pakistan?

“The India-Pakistan game is the biggest game in town. It’s bigger than Australia v England, it’s bigger than India v Australia. How can we jeopardise that by a stubbornness? The Indian bridge team has been to Pakistan, the Indian kabaddi team has been to Pakistan, the Indian baseball team has been to Pakistan. So what’s going on? Why can’t the Indian cricket team come to Pakistan?”

India should tell us why it does not want to play in Pakistan. Pakistan is hosting the Asia Cup 2023 this year, but the BCCI has refused to send its team to Pakistan for security reasons. There has been a dispute between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the BCCI over deciding the venue of the Asia Cup for the last few months.

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