“West Indies players only play for money not for…….” Chanderpaul’s Bold Statement On The West Indies Team

West Indies cricket team is the most successful cricket team in the world. They are the champions of the T20 World Cup in 2012 and 2016. But their performance in this T20 World Cup was extremely bad, and thus they haven’t even qualified for the Super 12 round of the T20 World Cup 2022. After this lousy performance, cricket experts criticized the West Indies team very badly and this pointed out the question on the West Indies Cricket Board.

Speaking on this issue former West Indian legend Shivnarayan Chanderpaul stated that the T20 leagues around the world are affecting the West Indies team very badly, and nowadays players are focusing on money.

“The premier T20 leagues around the world have reduced the inclination of West Indian players towards International cricket. West Indies cricket is not what these guys would depend on nowadays, so I don’t think they are keen on playing with the country. They can go somewhere else, play, and earn money.” Said the legendary batter of West Indies.

Further, he described when he used to play with the team. He said we all play for our country and give priority to the country over money.

“In such a situation, they do not focus on representing the West Indies. We all gave priority to the country over money and played for respect” in last he added.

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