‘Virat Kohli relinquishing test captaincy was disaster for…..’ Morgan Big Claim On Kohli’s Captaincy

Australia emerged victorious in the World Test Championship (WTC) final 2023, securing a commanding 209-run victory over India on Sunday, June 11. The match marked the culmination of the second cycle of the WTC, with the third cycle set to commence shortly. The International Cricket Council (ICC) initiated the WTC in 2019 to preserve the longest and oldest format of the game, amid concerns over its diminishing popularity worldwide.

However, Test cricket now finds itself facing renewed challenges, according to Eoin Morgan, former England skipper and World Cup champion. Morgan expressed his belief that the departure of Virat Kohli as Test captain poses a significant loss to the game, as Kohli had always exhibited immense passion for the format.

“Test cricket, for me, is still unbelievable. But it is a really challenging time for it. It has lost Virat Kohli as a Test captain, and he always spoke vividly about how much he loved it and was passionate about it,” Morgan stated, as reported by the Mirror.

Kohli, renowned for his unwavering support of Test cricket, ranks as the fourth most successful skipper in the history of the game, boasting 40 wins in 58 matches with an impressive win percentage of 58.82. However, in January 2023, he stepped down from the captaincy following India’s 1-2 series loss against South Africa.

Additionally, Morgan also acknowledged England captain Ben Stokes for reigniting people’s interest in the format. Stokes, who has had a remarkable stint as England’s skipper, has secured 11 victories out of 13 matches since last year. Together with head coach Brendon McCullum, Stokes has revolutionized Test cricket with their ‘Bazball’ style, characterized by an aggressive run rate of 4.85. This approach has rendered the notion of a ‘draw’ almost irrelevant, as the team consistently strives for a win, regardless of the game’s situation.

To ensure the continued relevance of Test cricket, the format necessitates more individuals like Stokes and Kohli—captivating personalities who captivate audiences and transcend the boundaries of the top-ranked teams.

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In the meantime, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an upcoming clash between age-old rivals England and Australia in the Ashes 2023, starting on June 16. The highly anticipated series promises to inject renewed excitement into Test cricket and captivate fans around the globe.
As the WTC and Test cricket embark on a new cycle, it becomes imperative for players, administrators, and fans to collectively work towards sustaining the passion, competitiveness, and allure that the longest format of the game embodies.

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