Suicide Bomb Blast during T20 match in Kabul Stadium, Afganistan Cricket On Target

An unusual news is coming from the cricket world where Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, has been jiggled by a bomb explosion in the Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground.

The incident took place on 29th July, on Friday evening during a Shpageeza Cricket League match in Kabul. The explosion was so powerful that it fled among the spectators sitting in the stands.

According to a latest development, this was a suicidal blast which took place in Kabul during the Afghanistan Premier T20 Tournament. As the blast happened, the players of both the teams were asked to rush into a safe bunker. During the attack, the officials of the United Nations were also present in the stadium to enjoy the T20 cricket saga.

When this bomb blast happened, the crowd created chaos and started running here and there to mark themselves safe.

This was the 22nd league match of Shpageeza Cricket League between Pamir Zalmi and the Band-e-Amir Dragons at the Kabul International stadium. The hazardous incident is being monitored by Kabul Police Headquarters but there has been no severe damage.

This is not for the first time that any blast or terror attack has happened in and around cricketing environment. Once Sri Lanka team bus was also assaulted by the terrorist when they were touring Pakistan in the year 2009. The incident took place when they were on their way to Gaddafi stadium.

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