“Stop Whingeing about DRS…” Ex Australian Great Slams Ben Stokes On DRS

Team India and England are set for another fierce battle against each other in Ranchi for the fourth time in the series.

However, after the third test match of the series got over, one of the things that was talked most about was DRS and the umpire’s call. England’s skipper Ben Stokes was completely furious about Zack Crawley’s decision in the second innings of the Rajkot test. Ben Stokes has been very unfortunate with DRS. He gave an example of how the visitors lost the wicket of Zack Crawley because of the umpire’s call, even after seeing that the ball was clearly missing the stumps.

However One of the greatest bowlers of the game, Brad Hogg, slammed Ben Stokes over his remarks over DRS. Hogg said that the ‘umpire’s call’ could go in anyone’s favor, so Ben should not worry about it that much. “They should take  ‘ the’umpire’s call, if I’m being honest, about it.”

Hogg further went on to say,For me, the more I think about it, the more I feel umpires call should be in there, knowing that technology is slightly wrong. Yes, it might have cost you at a certain stage of the game, but it could have cost the opposition at some stage in the series as well. Stop whining about the DRS because it is the same for both sides.” 

However, ahead of the fourth test match of the series, Stokes was seen bowling in the nets. Stokes was last seen bowling for England in the second Test match of the Ashes series in 2023.

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