Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Is In Danger Of Getting Banned From Hosting Any International Cricket

Once again, ICC slammed Pakistan Cricket Board for using the poor pitch of Rawalpindi in the first test match against England.

Rawalpindi cricket stadium is in danger because ICC rated the pitch below average and gave two demerit points for the first test match. Earlier this year, in March, this venue was rated as below average by ICC when Australia came to play the test match against Pakistan, which ended in a draw; now again, this pitch is rated as below average, and this time it is dangerous for PCB and Rawalpindi Stadium Officials.

Speaking on Pitch, ICC explained that this pitch has two demerit points, and if it increases to five points, it will be banned from international cricket.

“The venue has now received two demerit points from consecutive Tests under the ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process and could be in danger of being suspended from hosting any international cricket if more demerit points are lost. Demerit points remain active for a rolling five-year period and when a venue accumulates five demerit points it is suspended from staging any international cricket for a period of 12 months,” ICC said.

Both match referees, Andy Pycrott, submitted his report on Tuesday in which he stated that the pitch is very flat and there was no help for blowers, and that’s why they had witnessed a big total on both sides.

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“It was a very flat pitch which gave almost no assistance to any type of bowler. That was the main reason why batters scored very fast and both sides posted huge totals. The pitch hardly deteriorated during the course of the match. Since there was very little in it for the bowlers, I found the pitch to be ‘below average’ as per the ICC guidelines,” he submitted the report.

England won the first match of the three-match series by 74 runs, and in that match, three English players hit tons and scored 579 runs in the first innings, and in the whole match, seven players scored centuries, including both sides.

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