Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife Four Words Tweet Deepens The Speculation Of Rift With MS Dhoni

The mystery surrounding Ravindra Jadeja deepened on Sunday night. A cryptic tweet from the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) all-rounder left fans guessing and raised concerns about a potential rift with the team’s captain, MS Dhoni. This comes a day after a viral video showed a heated conversation between the two players following CSK’s victory over Delhi Capitals, securing their place in the playoffs and a top-two finish.

After the match, as players exchanged congratulations for their record-extending 12th IPL playoff qualification, Dhoni and Jadeja were seen engaged in a tense conversation. Jadeja appeared visibly unhappy, while Dhoni seemed frustrated with the all-rounder’s performance. Speculation among fans ranged from criticism of Jadeja’s bowling figures against Delhi Capitals (50 runs for 1 wicket in four overs) to the possibility of a deeper rift between the two players.

Adding to the intrigue, Jadeja took to Twitter the following day, sharing a cryptic post that read, “Karma will get back at you, sooner or later it surely will,” accompanied by the caption “Definitely” and a thumbs-up emoticon. The tweet left fans speculating about its intended target and the underlying meaning behind Jadeja’s words. In a surprising twist, Jadeja’s wife, Rivaba Jadeja, retweeted the post with the comment, “Follow your own Path,” adding further fuel to the speculation.

This is not the first time Jadeja has courted controversy on Twitter during the ongoing IPL season. In May, he liked a post that highlighted the “pain inside” and the “trauma” he may be experiencing due to criticism from CSK fans. The post lamented the lack of support from spectators and continued criticism despite Jadeja’s excellent performances, which earned him three Man of the Match awards.

The social media activity from Jadeja and his wife has left fans puzzled and concerned about the dynamics within the CSK team. While it is unclear whether there is a genuine rift between Jadeja and Dhoni, their recent on-field exchange and cryptic social media posts have only intensified speculation.

As CSK progresses further in the IPL playoffs, the focus will undoubtedly remain on the relationship between Jadeja and Dhoni, with fans eagerly awaiting any further developments or clarifications from the players themselves or the team management.

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