“Prithvi Shaw Thinks He Is A Super Star And Nobody Is Near Him” Shubman Gill’s Childhood Coach Slammed Shaw’s Attitude

In a tale of diverging fortunes, Shubman Gill and Prithvi Shaw, who clinched the U19 World Cup for India in 2018, have embarked on contrasting journeys since their teenage triumph. While Gill has established himself as a stalwart across all three formats for the Indian cricket team, Shaw has grappled with inconsistency and is finding it difficult to secure a spot in the national squad. A recent critique by Gill’s childhood coach shed light on Shaw’s alleged complacency and lack of discipline, suggesting it has hampered his progress.

Karsan Ghavri, the mentor of a young Shubman Gill since the age of 11, pulled no punches in his assessment of Shaw’s attitude. In an interview with The Indian Express, Ghavri criticized Shaw, stating, “They were in the same team that won the U-19 World Cup in 2018, right? Today, where is Prithvi Shaw, and where is Shubman Gill? They are in two different categories.” He further added, “Shaw thinks he is a star and nobody can touch him. But he needs to understand that at the international level, irrespective of whether you are playing T20, 50 over, Test matches, or even the Ranji Trophy, it takes only one delivery to get you out.”

Highlighting the importance of discipline and temperament at the highest level of the game, Ghavri emphasized that these traits are crucial for success. Unfortunately, Shaw has struggled to consistently exhibit these qualities, resulting in uneven performances for India and his IPL franchise.

Ghavri expounded on the requirements for excelling in international cricket, stating, “You require discipline and a good temperament. You need to work on yourself constantly. You are required to occupy the crease; if you do that, you are bound to get more runs.” The coach’s comments suggest that Shaw’s approach could have improved his progress, leaving him with unrealized potential.

However, Ghavri remains hopeful that Shaw can rectify his flaws and become a stronger player. Acknowledging that Gill and Shaw are of the same age, he believes there is still time for Shaw to address his shortcomings and come back. Ghavri emphasizes the need for hard work and the urgency to maximize his potential.

In the recently concluded IPL 2023 season, Shaw’s struggles continued to overshadow his performances. The Delhi Capitals opener registered scores of 12, 7, 0, 15, 0, and 13 in the first six games before being dropped from the team. Although he was given another opportunity in the final two matches, where he managed to score a half-century, it failed to dispel the doubts surrounding his batting prowess.

As Prithvi Shaw battles with his form and consistency, Shubman Gill has steadily ascended the ranks, showcasing his talent and determination. Gill’s progress serves as a stark reminder of the importance of hard work, discipline, and an unwavering mindset in the pursuit of excellence.

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While Gill and Shaw’s contrasting journeys highlight cricket’s unpredictable nature, it is still within Shaw’s control to turn the tide and fulfill his potential. As the young cricketer reflects on his past performances and absorbs the constructive criticism, the onus lies on him to embrace the challenges ahead, rectify his flaws, and prove his mettle at the highest level of the game.

Only time will tell whether Prithvi Shaw can rekindle the spark that ignited his career or if his journey will serve

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