“Preferably, I would like to cut only one cake, which is………” Replied King Kohli On His 34th Birthday

Virat Kohli has turned 34 on Saturday, on his birthday, a great surprise given by the Indian Journalist at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. Currently, the Indian cricket team is in Australia playing the ongoing T20 World Cup and a celebration organized by the Indian Journalist at MCG on the 34th birthday of King Kohli. You can see the full video by clicking on below YouTube link.

Team India will play their last encounter of Super 12 against Zimbabwe on November 6th, all the players are present at MCG and practicing hard to make the clash the cakewalk.

On the occasion of Virat’s 34th birthday, a group of journalists asked Virat Kohli to cut the cake, he delicately accepted the offer and was surprised to see the arrangements, and appreciated their delightful gesture.

Before the cake-cutting, a journalist requested him to give a short speech. Initially, Virat hesitated as he was surprised to see the arrangement and said, “Thank you for this nice gesture and we are doing it at MCG a historic stadium, and all the media here and thank you very much”

After the cake-cutting, he replied to some of the questions asked by the Journalist.

Question:- So the bigger cake next week?

Virat replied: Preferably, I would like to cut only one cake, which is the big one next week.

Question- “Is Virat Kohli the’ GOAT’ Of Cricket?”

Virat Kohli- “No, I don’t think I would consider myself as the GOAT of cricket. Only two people qualify for that, Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Vivian Richards.”

After having the cake in front of him, Kohli got little excited and said: “Kon laaya hai ye? Kya baat hai yar, thank you bada swaad hai poora khaunga.”

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