Naveen-ul-Haq Opened Up On Working With Gautam Gambhir In LSG Camp

During the recent IPL match, a heated on-field exchange occurred between Naveen and Virat Kohli. However, Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer and mentor to Naveen’s team, stood firmly behind the young player, supporting him in the aftermath of the incident. This incident sparked speculation about Naveen’s relationship with Gambhir and its impact on his growth as a player during the IPL.

In response to the incident, Naveen posted a picture on Instagram with Gambhir, along with a caption emphasizing the importance of treating people with respect. Gambhir swiftly responded, urging Naveen to “Be who you are !! ‘Never Change.” This exchange on social media highlighted the support and company between the two.

When asked about his relationship with Gambhir and how it has influenced his growth as a player, Naveen emphasized the significance of backing one’s teammates. He stressed that everyone, whether a mentor, coach, or player, should support and stand up for their team members. Naveen acknowledged Gambhir’s legendary status in Indian cricket, expressing deep respect for him and recognizing his immense contributions to the game.

Naveen also highlighted the lessons he has learned from Gambhir, both on and off the field. He mentioned that Gambhir’s guidance has helped shape his approach to the game, teaching him how to conduct himself during matches and in his personal life. Naveen expressed gratitude for the mentorship and coaching Gambhir has provided, recognizing the invaluable influence of the cricketing legend.

“Everyone should take back their players: mentor, coach, player or anyone. I will stand for each teammate on the ground, and that’s what I expect from each individual. He (Gambhir) has been a legend in India; he has huge respect in India. He has given so much to Indian cricket. As a mentor, coach, and legend of cricket, I respect him a lot and have learnt so many things from him. How should I go about my cricket inside the field and the same thing outside,” said Naveen.

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The IPL 2023 Eliminator match between the Mumbai Indians and the Lucknow Super Giants ended with Mumbai securing an 81-run victory and progressing to the tournament’s next stage. 2nd Qualifier is scheduled to take place on May 26th at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The winner of the 2nd qualifier team will clash with Chennai Super Kings in the final of IPL 2023.

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