Morrisville SAMP Army Prefer to Play The Situation and Conditions, Says Karim Janat as Juggernaut Rolls On

Abu Dhabi, 29th November, 2022: One of the new franchises to embrace the Abu Dhabi T10’s sixth season is the Morrisville SAMP Army, who have started off brilliantly, winning their first three games on the bounce.

In a format that is considered to be more friendly towards the batters, the SAMP Army’s big hitters have come to the party from the get-go. Among their most dangerous batters is Afghanistan’s Karim Janat with a strike rate of 190.

“I am glad that I have been able to help the team like this. We are a new set-up and the management and the team are all getting along well. Our bowlers and batters are doing the things they need to well,” Janat said.

Janat also explained that the SAMP Army play the situation and conditions more than anything, as they believe that is the need of the hour. Against the Chennai Braves, Janat let go off the handbrakes, scoring an unbeaten 58 off 28 deliveries, to pick up the Player of the Match award.

“We play according to the target and the conditions. When you pace yourself according to the situation and target, and play unselfishly, reaching the finish line becomes a little bit easier.”

Speaking about playing with the SAMP Army’s Icon Player David Miller, Janat explained that the duo had clearly chalked out their roles whilst in the middle.

“While playing with David, we realized that we could both attack together but in different ways. He and I picked different areas that we would target, mostly where the boundaries were shorter, and that helped us over the line against the Chennai Braves.”

Janat, who is ready to bat at whichever position the team demands, further added that batting with David Miller, who is well traveled was quite an enjoyable experience for him.

“It was great to bat with David, he’s a senior pro and he was always supportive towards me while batting in the middle. He kept motivating me as I was going for the big hits and kept giving very valuable tips about dealing with the opposition bowlers, all of which really made batting easy,” Janat signed off.

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