Madras High Court To Hear M.S. Dhoni’s Contempt Of Court Case Against IPS Officer On Thursday

The Madras High Court has scheduled a hearing for the contempt of court case filed by former Indian cricket captain M.S. Dhoni against Tamil Nadu cadre IPS officer Sampath Kumar. The court presided over by Justices M. Sundar and K. Govindarajan Thilakavadi, decided to hear the case on Thursday, as it is the designated day for handling contempt of court matters.

Senior counsel P.R. Raman, representing Dhoni, and Advocate Perumbalavil Radhakrishnan, counsel for IPS officer Sampath Kumar, were present during the hearing. Dhoni had filed the contempt of court case against Kumar, alleging that the IPS officer made derogatory remarks about the judiciary in his written statement, which was filed in response to a defamation suit filed by Dhoni against Kumar. The defamation suit was filed for Kumar’s involvement in naming Dhoni in the IPL betting scandal.

Dhoni had requested the court to punish Sampath Kumar for the latter’s remarks against the judiciary in his written statement filed in response to a Rs 100 crore defamation suit filed by the ace cricketer against the IPS officer for having named him in the IPL betting scam.

To proceed with the contempt of court case, Dhoni had obtained permission from the Advocate General of Tamil Nadu, R. Shanmugasundaram, as required under the Contempt of Courts Act. Shanmugasundaram granted permission after determining that the remarks made by IPS officer Sampath Kumar in his written statement amounted to scandalizing court proceedings.

The court will now hear the case on June 15, which falls on a Thursday, the designated day for dealing with contempt of court cases. The hearing outcome will determine whether any punitive action will be taken against Sampath Kumar for his alleged contemptuous remarks about the judiciary.

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M.S. Dhoni, known for his successful cricket career and leadership, is seeking legal recourse to protect the integrity of the judiciary and address defamatory statements against him. The Madras High Court’s decision to hear the case demonstrates the importance of upholding the dignity and authority of the judiciary in India’s legal system.

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