“Jadeja is also not playing T20, and you did not ask about him?”: Rohit Sharma’s Fiery Response To The Question Of Ignoring ‘Virat Kohli’

With less than two months left until the 2023 ICC World Cup, Rohit Sharma’s Indian cricket team uses their Caribbean tour to experiment with fringe players and young talents. Rahul Dravid’s coaching approach focuses on the bigger picture, aiming to prepare a well-rounded squad for the upcoming white-ball tournaments. Resting key players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in bilateral series is a strategic move to ensure their readiness for the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma underscores the importance of managing players’ workload and resting key players in bilateral series leading to the World Cup. The decision to rest senior campaigners like himself, Kohli, and even Ravindra Jadeja highlights the team’s intent to prioritize the major tournaments and ensure the players are in optimal physical and mental condition when the stakes are high.

Rohit Sharma acknowledges the concern surrounding India’s No. 4 batting position, recognizing it as an issue the team needs to address ahead of the Asia Cup and World Cup. This transparency underscores the team’s commitment to identifying the right players for crucial positions and maximizing their potential impact in high-pressure matches.

The skipper explains the rationale behind India’s approach to resting players. Just as the team chose to focus on T20 cricket before the T20 World Cup, they are now focusing on ODIs with the World Cup on the horizon. Rohit’s reference to Ravindra Jadeja’s absence from T20s demonstrates the selective approach to preserving players’ energy and minimizing the risk of injuries.

“Last year also we did the same thing; the T20 World Cup was there, so we didn’t play one-day cricket. We are also doing the same, and the ODI World Cup is there, so we are not playing T20s. You can’t play everything and be ready for the World Cup. We decided this two years ago. (Ravindra) Jadeja is also not playing T20, and you did not ask about him? I understand the focus (on himself and Virat). But Jadeja is also not playing,” Rohit said in his reply to a query about him and Kohli being overlooked by selectors in India’s recent T20I assignments.

Rohit Sharma’s determination to bring an ICC trophy home is palpable. India’s quest to end the ICC trophy drought has driven the team to work hard and strive for excellence. Rohit’s admission that winning a World Cup is his dream echoes the aspirations of every Indian cricket fan.

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“Honestly, I have never won a (50 overs) World Cup, and it’s a dream to win and be here fighting for it; nothing makes me happier. You don’t get World Cups on a platter, you have to work hard, and that is what we have been doing all these years from 2011 till now; we all are fighting for it,” Rohit said.

Rohit Sharma’s reference to India’s 2011 World Cup win underscores the historical significance of ICC trophies for the nation. The memories of triumph motivate the team as they gear up for the upcoming tournaments. His statement about the years of hard work since 2011 emphasizes the consistent dedication required to achieve the pinnacle of success.

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