“It is not like it was only…”: Shahid Afridi Opens Up On His Complicated Relationship With Gautam Gambhir

The cricketing rivalry and occasional contention between Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi have been well-documented over the years, stemming from their heated clashes in 2007. However, in a surprising turn of events, a moment of camaraderie during the Legends League Cricket earlier this year added a new dimension to their relationship. Recent comments from Afridi highlight that while respect may be present, traces of their competitive spirit still linger beneath the surface.

During a YouTube show, Afridi provided insights into his equation with Gambhir, shedding light on the mental tactics that often come into play in cricket. He acknowledged that Gambhir’s fiery nature extended beyond their encounters and was a trait the Indian batsman also displayed toward others. However, Afridi, displaying the maturity of a seasoned athlete, chose not to dwell on past rivalries and advocated for a shift toward a more positive perspective.

While speaking on the show, Afridi mentioned, “These things happen in cricket. It’s normal. And I feel it has been more hyped up on social media. He has a different character from that of normal players. His reputation is the same in Team India as well. It is not like it was only with me…he…I feel we should discuss more positive things in this show.”

When prompted by the host to highlight a commendable feature of Gambhir, Afridi praised the former Indian batter’s exceptional batting skills. “Very few Indian batters I have seen have such good timing with the bat. He is an outstanding player,” added the 46-year-old all-rounder.

Interestingly, one heartwarming incident captured the attention of cricket fans and went viral. A moment of goodwill unfolded during the Legends Cricket League in Doha, where Gambhir captained the India Maharajas, and Afridi led the Asia Lions. After Gambhir was hit while batting, Afridi approached him with genuine concern, creating a buzz among fans and highlighting the human side of their relationship.

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While Gambhir and Afridi have shared a history of fierce competition and occasional verbal exchanges, their recent interactions and shared moments of respect showcase the nuanced nature of cricketing relationships. As both players have transitioned from the field to other spheres of life, their evolving dynamic reminds them that sports can foster rivalry and camaraderie, often leading to unexpected and heartening moments of connection.

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