If Top-6 Teams Will Play Test Cricket, Then It Will Be A Threat To World Cricket, Aakash Chopra Raised Issue Over Shastri’s Statement

Due to continuous T20 Cricket and especially IPL, a lot of debate is going around on the existence of Test Cricket. Recently former coach of Team India, Ravi Shastri has said that to maintain the interest in the longest format of the game, ICC should allow only top-6 teams to participate in it.

Shastri said that 10-12 teams should not be playing test cricket and only top-6 teams can take this format ahead. Now, the former Indian opener and now a renowned commentator Aakash Chopra has raised questions over Shastri’s statement.

While speaking to Sky Sports Shastri said that “You cannot have 12 teams or ten teams. You keep the top six, keep the quality, and respect quality over quantity,” Shastri had said on Sky Sports.”

Ravi Shastri further added,” Whether it’s India, Australia, or England you have to qualify for the red-ball series if you want to be around to play Test match cricket. Then it doesn’t matter if England doesn’t go to the West Indies, or West Indies come to England. If they’re in the top six, they play, but if they’re not in the top six they don’t play.”

Aakash Chopra looked dissatisfied with Ravi Shastri and was quoted while speaking on his official youtube channel. Aakash said that if only 6 teams will play test cricket then it will be trouble for test cricket. He also questioned how someone can decide which six teams should be there for test cricket.

Aakash Chopra said, “Test cricket can happen in tiers but if only the top six play Test cricket, I feel world cricket will be in trouble, including Test cricket, which all of us are saying is a very important format and will not go anywhere.

Chopra asked, “Who will decide the six countries, the top six in the rankings? Let’s say that’s the case, what will the others do? He (Shastri) said in the discussion that if you go out of the six, then you have no job and teams will come up from below. But who will come up from below because only six are playing Test cricket and the others are not playing at all.”

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