ICC Revenue: BCCI Will Earn Around Rs 1892 Crore Every Year In The New Distribution Model Of ICC, Other Cricket Board Far Behind

According to the new ICC financial model suggested for the 2024-27 cycle, India will get an astonishing 38.5% of the US$ 600 million annual revenue from ICC.

The BCCI is expected to receive around 40% of the ICC’s net surplus income from the upcoming four-year commercial cycle. This will strengthen the Indian board’s position as the only significant player in the game.

In the ICC’s financial model for 2024-27, BCCI will get around Rs 1892 crore (US$231 million) each year, while Pakistan will only get Rs 282 crore (US$34.51 million). BCCI will earn seven times more than Pakistan every year.

In the proposed model, the BCCI’s earnings are higher than the second-highest earning ECB board, which could receive US$41.33 million or 6.89% of the ICC’s earnings. In third place is the original member of the Big Three, Cricket Australia, which can get US$37.53 million (6.25%). The PCB, which could collect US$34.51 million (5.75%), is the only other board among the nine remaining full members estimated to earn more than US$30 million.

The income of the remaining eight full members is less than 5%. The 12 full members will receive US$532.84 million (88.81%) out of an anticipated pool of US$600 million, while associate members will receive US$67.16 million (11.19%).

The board’s total annual amount is based on the ICC’s expected earnings of more than US$3.2 billion from selling its media rights, which were auctioned for the first time in five countries worldwide. Most of the cash came from selling rights in the Indian market, where the Disney star paid only US$3 billion for four years.

The model, suggested by the ICC Board in March, was initially created by the ICC team, which was then worked out by the Finance and Commercial Affairs (F&CA) committee of the organization’s governing body.

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