“I think in the modern game guys are getting…”: New Zealand’s Bowling Coach Revealed Their Bowling Approach

Question 1:- How are you seeing this ODI series so far?

Answer:- It is fantastic for both teams. You know, these games are important in regards to the Super League and the ODI format and obviously you want to play cricket in front of our fans in New Zealand, and we’ve a great support.

Question 2:- What are the bowling strategy in the upcoming game at Hagley? Will it be different from Hamilton?

Answer 2:- No, not really. But I suppose what for us is there’s a few things that really stood out the way that we need to attack India and it was highlighted again, but not too much because you’re in a different place, different conditions and obviously with Hagley, Hagley being a different pitch again. So that’s the key for us is making sure that we adapt to situation or the game that we have here in Hagley.

Question 3:- Looking at the bowling side, how much the ground will help the bowlers?

Answer 3:- Yeah it’s a different type of ground. I enjoy coming to Christchurch, purely from a bowler standpoint. The ground is bigger and that’s a good start. The bigger boundaries and yeah you can sort of settle into your game and what we expect here in in the pitch at Hagley we enjoy playing here and yeah it’s certainly, you know having it being a bigger ground has its advantage.

Question 4:- Do you like previous bowling combinations that some would say they’re quite similar but you see that they can complement each other with their rapid pace and attack?

Answer 4:- I think in the modern game guys are getting used to the pace a lot more than probably maybe sort of 10 years ago. And I think guys generally do pay fast, bowling better, but it’s certainly an advantage to have if that was the combination that we go in with. I think what it’s really impressed me is that we do have those options up our sleeve we’ve got. Michael Bracewell, who’s come into his own each Ish Sodhi, number of spin options and obviously Jimmy Neesham who’s our all-rounder option. So I think that’s what’s really exciting for us as a team as we move over the next few months when we move from playing ODI cricket here, T20 cricket here, then we go to Pakistan and India in the early year and that’s a good opportunity for us to keep fine-tuning our skills for the World Cup and what lies ahead.

Question 5:- A little bit of an unusual one seems that tomorrow is your last game as part of a home summer until February to go over to Pakistan has been spoken about it always for open terms of leaving home on a high note given that this public is sort of used to having the black caps around Christmas and New Year.

Answer 5:- Yeah, I think for us it’s just about performing tomorrow night the best that we can and put on a great show. I think then you know it’s a great opportunity in for the white-ferns to have their. They’ve got their series cup up coming up against Bangladesh. Yeah we’ve got a bit of an unusual sort of Christmas and New Year. But it’s something that you know we have spoken about and making sure that we embrace the opportunity. It’s going to be fantastic experience to go to Pakistan and yeah then we come home, then we’ve got a heavy schedule to finish the summer. So plenty of cricket to come over the course of the summer.

Question 6:- Coming from the T20Is, what are the challenges in One Day Internationals?
Answer 6:- Yeah, I think for us that’s the beauty of New Zealand. We’ve got so many grounds here now and they’re all absolutely fantastic have their own characteristics about them. I think Hagley here we tend to play more test matches which means that we play got to play somewhere else and share the load and yeah, I think you know we enjoy coming here regardless. So we’ve had some fantastic white ball games and I think yeah, a good opportunity tomorrow night to play an ODI and yeah, it’s just the nature of the scheduling and we tend to play more test matches here probably.

Question 7:- What are your plan in the next match keeping your strength in mind?
Answer 7:- I think what you might find is you can basically bowl a little bit more. In terms of your first plans so your skill sets your strength you can probably show them a little bit more because you’re not worried about the shorter boundary or a longer pocket or something like that so it’s a much more even ground. So you’ve got the opportunity here to play to your strength as a bowler. But at sometimes here the wind does have a cross breeze and that’s the other unique part of Hagley is that the stands aren’t as high which means there’s a little bit of wind at with so yeah, there is always something to consider.

Question 8:- You have five bowlers in the team, any chance to see the sixth bowlers?
Answer 8:- Ohh, I think it’s always good to have options, good question. I think something that will be an option to think about in the future. We’ve had that in the past with Neesham and he’s been that probably 5th, 6th bowler that’s come into it. So I think at the moment those opportunities will come throughout the rest of the summer I think.

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