“I think he will….” Matthew Hayden Provided Stunning Statement On Dhoni’s IPL Future

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has once again reached the final of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 under the leadership of their captain, MS Dhoni. Dhoni’s remarkable captaincy has garnered admiration from former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden, who compared him to a magician capable of turning someone else’s garbage into gold. Hayden commended Dhoni’s ability to make the best out of a weak bowling unit and lauded his astute utilization of players like Ajinkya Rahane and Shivam Dube. Despite playing with a knee injury, Dhoni’s impactful contributions have propelled CSK towards success. Hayden, however, believes that Dhoni may not play in the next IPL season.

Matthew Hayden expressed his awe for MS Dhoni’s captaincy, describing him as a magician who possesses the exceptional skill of transforming average performers into valuable assets for the team. Hayden highlighted how Dhoni effectively utilized a previously weak bowling lineup, showcasing his tactical brilliance and ability to extract the best out of his players. Dhoni’s leadership qualities and positive approach have earned him widespread appreciation and admiration.

Hayden specifically praised Dhoni’s strategic deployment of Ajinkya Rahane and Shivam Dubey in the batting order. The manner in which Dhoni utilized their skills and talents has been highly applauded. The decision to use Rahane and Dubey effectively has garnered attention and accolades from cricket enthusiasts. It reflects Dhoni’s astute understanding of the game and his ability to make informed choices to strengthen the team’s performance.

Matthew Hayden told PTI, “MS is a magician. He takes someone else’s garbage and turns it into gold. He is a very skilful and positive captain. He has said very interesting things, which shows his humility. How strong is the coordination between the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and its team, and is it also a link in the process of strengthening the team? There is a process to achieve every goal, and he showed it earlier with the Indian team and now with CSK.”

Despite Dhoni’s exceptional contributions to CSK, he has given himself eight to nine months to contemplate his future as a player. Hayden believes that Dhoni may not play in the upcoming IPL season. However, Hayden acknowledges Dhoni’s indomitable spirit and recognizes that Dhoni’s decisions are driven by his own unique perspective and considerations. Regardless of his future as a player, Dhoni’s impact and legacy are firmly established.

Matthew Hayden further stated, “I think he will not play, but he is MS Dhoni.”

Hayden also commented on the changing dynamics of cricket formats, highlighting the challenges faced by players participating in all three formats. With the growing prominence of T20 cricket worldwide, players find it increasingly difficult to excel in multiple formats. Hayden noted the enthusiasm surrounding Test cricket, evident in the World Test Championship. Additionally, he acknowledged the popularity of T20 cricket, which has become a significant part of the cricket landscape.

“The time of players playing in all three formats is about to end. There is a lot of enthusiasm for playing Test cricket, and the World Test Championship is an example of that. Apart from this, a lot of T20 cricket is happening.” Matthew Hayden said in an event organized by the University of Technology Sydney.

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