“I Am World Number One, The World Will Come To Me And I Don’t Need….” Saeed Ajmal Slammed His Trollers Over His Poor English

Pakistan has many cricketers who do not speak English properly, Saeed Ajmal is one of them. Ajmal is one of those cricketers who makes fun of themselves on live TV because of his foul English speaking skills. There were many cricketers like him in the Pakistan team i.e, Inzamam ul Haq, Shahid Afridi and many more were over there, but Ajmal is one of the most talked about.

In a podcast, someone told Ajmal how he, along with Pakistan cricketers, were judged because of their English and not their skill levels. The Former Pakistani spinner replied.

“Jab mai world number one bana, mujhe bade bando ne kaha ki tu English sikh le, maine kaha meri marzi bhai, mai jo marzi karu. (When I became world number one, some people asked me to learn English and I told them I will do what I want, he told Crickwick podcast.)

“Agar apko meri mother language mai interview karna hai to karo, aur mai shy nahi hu aur na hi hona chiye.” (If you want to speak in my mother language, then go ahead. I wasn’t shy at all for speaking Urdu.)
“Hume English nahi ati, pur jo hum kar rahey hai, duniya dekh rahi hai, I am world number one.”

Pakistani cricketers got roasted by several Youtubers for their poor English.
“I am world number one, the world will come to me, I have no reason to go and ask for interviews,” added Ajmal

“English language, I hate that word.”

“If you know English, you are good and if you are not then you are bad, wah yaar.”

Ajmal made his International debut for Pakistan against India in ODIs on 2nd July 2008.

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