“He Is Insulting Himself, By Talking About Clothes And Massages…” Saleem Malik On Wasim Akram Accusation

Currently, Wasim Akram is trending on every social media platform because of his autobiography “Sultan: A Memoir”. Some big revelation made by Wasim Akram in his book and some former star players of Pakistani cricket is on the radar of social media users and cricket fans.

Former legendary pacer Wasim Akram revealed that at the start of his career, his senior Saleem Malik treated him like a servant on tours. Wasim specifically said that Saleem demanded for massages. Saleem Malik was captain of the Pakistan national team from 1992-95 and he replied if I was selfish then I would never be given Akram the chance to bowl. Further, he said I would like to talk to Wasim about this issue and ask him about this particular incident.

“If I was selfish, then how did he play his first match under me? So why would I let him bowl? I wanted to ask him for his view and in what sense did he write that. We used to go on tour for Pakistan tours, and there used to be laundry machines there. He never had to use their hands” Saleem Malik further added.

Focusing on this issue, Malik stated that I don’t want to say anything and that we were teammates and spent good times together. I don’t want to create any controversy.

“Till I don’t talk to him. I don’t want to comment on it. We are colleagues and spent a good time together. So I don’t want to create any controversy. The way he is talking about clothes and massage, he is insulting himself. Till I don’t talk to him, I won’t know in what sense he wrote it” Malik said.

Saleem Malik was captained for 12 tests and 34 ODIs matches, in which his team won 7 tests and 21 ODIs respectively. However, Saleem Malik was found guilty of match-fixing and was banned for life in 2000.

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