“Hardik Pandya is smiling too much..” England’s great bizarre statement on Hardik Pandya

The time for Hardik Pandya has changed drastically. Hardik has not been the same match winner for the Mumbai Indians. The person who led the Gujarat Titans to their maiden IPL title in their inaugural season and helped them reach the finals in the second attempt has been quite ordinary with the ball and as the captain of the side.

In his interaction with Star Sports, Kevin Peterson said that Hardik Pandya should have introduced the Spinners early in the matches when the Pacers were giving away runs.

Kevin Peterson said, “What I saw this evening was not good enough. I saw a captain who had a plan A from a team meeting that was five hours ago, and the captain didn’t want to go to plan B when he should have. How on earth have you not bowled a spinner when your seamers are going for 20 runs?! Brain Lara was saying on commentary, ‘Can we please bowl spinners?’ They have spinners that can bowl. You need to change the pace of the game.” 

Peterson also shared that the off-field issues are also helping the cause, as the all-rounder is not able to bring the best out of themselves.

Speaking about the same, Kevin Peterson said, “I think with Hardik, everything away from the game is affecting him so much. He’s smiling too much when he does the toss. He’s trying to act like he’s so happy. He’s not happy! I’ve been there. I’ve been on the firing line, and I’ve been there properly! I can tell you that it affects you. What’s happening with Hardik Pandya? The boos we have been hearing now and how happy they are to see Dhoni smacking him all over the park hurt. He has emotions; he’s an Indian player. He doesn’t want to be treated like this. With this happening, it’s affecting him and his cricket. Something needs to happen.”

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