Google AI: Who Is The Better Batsman, Virat Kohli Or Steve Smith? Check The Answer

Australian batsman Steve Smith is set to play his 100th Test match in the upcoming Ashes 2023 Test against England at Headingley in Leeds. Smith, who initially started his career as a leg-spinner, has become a pivotal figure in the Australian batting lineup, particularly in the red-ball format. As he approaches this milestone, comparisons arise between Smith and Indian star Virat Kohli, who reached his 100th Test match last year. Additionally, Google AI, known as Bard, has offered insights into the Smith vs. Kohli debate, adding an intriguing dimension to the discussion.

Having made a significant impact throughout his career, Steve Smith has showcased his hunger for batting and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. He has delivered exceptional performances under pressure, guiding Australia to memorable victories. Smith’s evolution from a leg-spinner to a prominent batsman has solidified his position as the lynchpin of the Australian batting order, particularly in Test cricket.

The rivalry between Steve Smith and Virat Kohli has sparked numerous debates among cricket enthusiasts. When seeking an answer to the question of who is the better overall batsman, Google AI Bard provides an interesting perspective. Bard acknowledges both players as exceptional talents with incredible records in all game formats, noting that they possess different strengths and weaknesses.

According to Bard’s analysis, Smith emerges as the clear leader in Test cricket. While Kohli is also an excellent Test batsman, Smith’s consistency sets him apart. His remarkable performances and ability to adapt to various challenges make him a formidable force in the game’s longest format.

Bard said, “In Test cricket, Smith is the clear leader. Kohli is also a very good Test batsman, but he is not as consistent as Smith. In limited-overs cricket, Kohli is the better batsman. Smith is not as good in limited-overs cricket.”

Regarding limited-overs cricket, Bard leans towards Virat Kohli as the superior batsman. Kohli’s consistent run-scoring ability and impact in white-ball formats make him a dominant figure. However, it’s worth noting that Smith’s strengths lie primarily in Test cricket rather than in limited-overs matches.

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AI concluded, “Overall, it is difficult to say definitively who is the better batsman. Smith is the better Test batsman, while Kohli is the better limited-overs batsman. It depends on what format you are looking at. As you can see, the two players are very evenly matched. It comes down to personal preference for who you think is the better batsman.”

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