“Get a life, my friend. Love you….” Aakash Chopra shunned a troll on Twitter questioning his cricketing career

One of the most well-known former cricket players turned analysts is Aakash Chopra. He has gained popularity for his amusing remarks and puns while meticulously dissecting the ins and outs of the game. The former opening batsman is renowned for his witty remarks on nearly all current issues affecting the game.

He is recognized for criticizing others on Twitter and defending himself, though. The former Indian opener spoke out in support of the Indian all-rounder during the Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean run-out incident by criticizing the English cricketers’ hypocrisy. During the recent Matthew Wade and Mark Wood obstructing the field controversy, he also made fun of English cricket players.
Aakash Chopra recently defended himself on Twitter by putting a troll on notice for criticizing him. The poster questioned Chopra’s credentials as an analyst and even referred to him as a “failed cricketer,” citing the analyst’s international and IPL career statistics.
One user tweeted, “Please explain your career too. What is this? How can you talk about cricket? When you are a failed cricketer.”

Aakash Chopra chose to respond with a snappy retort instead of remaining silent in response to this anonymous troll, shutting the individual down. He commented “I Googled you… neither a cricketing career nor any other. Going by your logic, how can you talk about me?? When you a __ person in life? On a serious note: get a life, my friend. Love you”
Here’s what he tweeted:
Many came out in support of Aakash Chopra. A user reminded the troll of Aakash’s cricketing achievements. He tweeted:

With 4 million Twitter followers and 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, he has successfully transformed into one of the most successful analysts in the industry at the moment.

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