“Forget Captaincy ,babar doesn’t…”Ex Indian Cricketer blasts Babar Azam over his performance in T 20 format

When Pakistan joined the T20 World Cup 2024, there were already some hints that things might not go well. Their performances against Ireland and England in the two T20I series were not very good, which meant they were not in great shape for the World Cup. Usually, Pakistan can surprise everyone when they are not expected to do well, like in the 2027 Champions Trophy or the 2022 T20 World Cup. But this time, things were different. They lost their first match to the USA, who were playing in their first World Cup, and then they lost to India even though they were in a good position.

In their third game, they won against Canada, but in their fourth match, Ireland almost beat them. Pakistan lost seven wickets while trying to chase 107 runs, but they managed to win by just three wickets.

Babar Azam scored 32 runs without getting out, using 34 balls. Famous Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag mentioned that if Pakistan gets a new captain for their T20I team, Babar should not be part of the team.

Sehwag explained, “Babar Azam isn’t a player who hits many sixes. He only hits them when he’s settled and facing spinners. I haven’t seen him move his feet against fast bowlers or hit sixes over the covers; he plays safe by hitting down the ground. That’s why he scores runs consistently, but his strike rate isn’t very high.”

“But as a leader, you need to consider if this game is good for the team. If it’s not, then step down and choose someone who can hit big in the first six overs to score 50-60 runs. I know this might seem tough, but if the captain is replaced, Babar shouldn’t be in the T20 team. His results and how fast he scores don’t meet the standards needed for today’s T20 cricket.”

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