“Every player wants to join….” Sourav Ganguly’s Big Prediction Over The Future Of Cricket Players

With the increasing number of T20 leagues worldwide, players prefer franchise cricket over playing for the country. First Indian Premier League, then the Big Bash League, and now the league is happening in UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and South Africa. Along with these, a league is also planned in America at the end of the year.

Looking at this, former Indian skipper and former BCCI president Sourav Ganguly stated, “We keep talking about the leagues happening around the world. IPL is a completely different league. The Big Bash League is also doing well in Australia; similarly, The Hundred has done well in the UK. South Africa league is also doing well”.

Sourav further explained that franchise cricket is happening in approx. Every country and player prefers league cricket over playing for the nation.

“All these leagues are happening in countries where cricket is popular. I believe only a few leagues will survive in the coming four to five years, and I know which ones they will be. Right now, every player wants to join the new league. But in the coming time, they will know which one is important. In such a situation, playing for the country will be preferred over league cricket.” Former BCCI President further said.

Observing the importance of cricket administration, Ganguly mentioned the example of Zimbabwe and West Indies cricket, where cricket is declined due to administrative reasons.

He explained that when he was the Bengal Cricket Association president and BCCI, he closely observed the infrastructure and cooperation.

“I was the president of the Bengal Cricket Association for five years and then the BCCI president for three years. I have also represented India in ICC and have seen that the game is possible only with infrastructure and cooperation,” Sourav further explained.

Ganguly further added, “I played the first World Cup in 1999. Zimbabwe could have beaten anyone at that time. At that time, Zimbabwe Cricket did not have much money. India didn’t even have it. Where did the West Indies have the money during the time of Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, or Joel Garner? Good administration is very important for the players. Money is not an issue. A good relationship between the players and the administrators solves many problems.”

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