Ellyse Perry Backs In Sydney Sixers For Two More WBBL Seasons

Renowned international all-rounder Ellyse Perry has reaffirmed her commitment to the Sydney Sixers by signing for the next two Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) seasons. With an illustrious career spanning nearly a decade, Perry’s role as a leader and her exceptional performance on and off the cricket field has been instrumental in guiding the Sixers to WBBL success.

At 32, Perry’s journey with the Sydney Sixers began in 2015, marking the inception of her legacy with the club. Over this span, she has been a consistent performer and an influential figure in the team’s leadership structure. Her contributions have significantly contributed to the Sixers clinching two WBBL titles during her tenure.

Ellyse Perry’s significance goes beyond her performances. As the club’s highest run-scorer with an impressive tally of 3,769 runs, she has cemented her position as a driving force in the team’s batting lineup. Her accomplishments extend to the broader WBBL arena, where she ranks second-highest run-scorer, trailing only behind her Australian teammate Beth Mooney.

Reflecting on her remarkable career, Perry acknowledges the evolution of her approach to the game. While physical and technical improvements have been pivotal in her growth, she emphasizes the role of mental creativity and adaptability.

“I’ve always really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get better, and for a large part of my career, and especially when I’ve been younger, a lot of that’s had to do with just making physical and technical improvements,” she told cricket.com.

Perry views the capacity to explore new perspectives and possibilities as a key factor in enhancing her performance. By breaking down established patterns and staying open to diverse opportunities presented by each delivery, she seeks to further elevate her game.
“I suppose you probably hit a bit of a ceiling with those things, and whilst you can still strive to improve, the gains become a much more marginal. There’s always capacity within your mind to explore new possibilities, knowledge, and ways of looking at things.” Perry added.

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Perry’s commitment to continuous growth extends to her technical skills as well. Her determination to challenge conventional techniques and embrace innovation drives her to develop a multifaceted batting style. This adaptability enables her to navigate different match situations and complements her creative mindset, making her a versatile asset on the field.

Perry said, “Rather than surviving with how I’ve always played, potentially breaking that down a little bit, and trying to be more creative and open to each opportunity and possibility that any kind of ball presents. And almost just reminding yourself to keep being creative and open to more possibilities. So that’s been one thing – to open yourself up to thinking like that, and then the other side of it is developing a few different things technically with the bat that enables you to do that.”

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