“Domestic Cricket will die…”Unveiling The Dark Reality: U-19 World Cup Winning Captain on Domestic Cricket’s Fate

Ex-team India’s skipper, who won the under-19 world cup for India and is currently playing cricket for the United States of America, believes that domestic cricket is going to suffer a lot if the cricket board in India allows players to play in the foreign leagues.

.While players from India are allowed to participate in the overseas league only after their retirement,. In the recent interaction, Chand explained that the overseas league generally overlaps with domestic cricket in India. Chand believes that if players continue to leave domestic cricket for overseas leagues, the future of domestic cricket in India will be uncertain and it will die.

Chand said, “I think there are a few technicalities involved; that’s why I think the BCCI doesn’t let the players go and play in other leagues.

Obviously, as a player, you would want to maximize the opportunities of playing; you want to play, and it’s also like sometimes you have seen that David Warner doing well in the IPL gets him back into the Australian side, so it’s also a way to come back into your side.”.

Chand also stated that “most of the tournaments get played during the domestic tournament when the Ranji Trophy is going on, the T20 is going on, and one day Vijay Hazare is going on, so if players start going away, then the domestic tournament will die. There are a few technicalities involved. It’s for the BCCI to answer, but as a player, if you ask me, I would want to go anywhere and everywhere.”.

Recently, players like Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan were axed from the central contract as they were focused more on playing in different leagues than playing for their state.

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