“Dear Afridi, some people retire only once, so….” Amit Mishra Slammed Shahid Afridi’s Virat Kohli Comment

Former Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi was slammed by former Indian spinner Amit Mishra for advising Kohli to quit the game.

Recently a statement of Shahid Afridi on Virat Kohli has been criticized by fans all over the world. This comment made everyone shocked in the community of cricket. As Afridi’s statement went viral, King Kohli roared back to form and became the second-highest sorcerer in the Asia Cup 2022. He scored 286 runs with a strike rate of 147.59 and with an astonishing average of 92 in just 5 innings. While the top scorer of Asia Cup 2022, Mohammad Rizwan, scored 5 runs more than Virat with an average of 56 and a strike rate of 117 in 6 innings. Virat’s strike rate and average were far better than Pakistani opener batsman. After being criticized by fans, former Indian player Amit Mishra also lambasted the former all-rounder of Pakistan.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan always stays on the headline, and it doesn’t matter whether the battle is going on or off the cricket ground. This time, the conflict arose from former Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi’s statement. He advised current superstar Indian batsman Virat Kohli to quit the game and retire from cricket. He said, “The way Virat has played, the start that he had to his career, there was a struggle initially before he made a name for himself. He is a champion, and I believe there comes a stage when you are headed towards retirement. But in that scenario, the aim should be to go out on a high,” on Samaa TV.

In contrast with this comment, Virat showed the legacy of being Indian and replied to this comment by scoring the runs in Asia Cup 2022 with an average of 92. But this controversy took another turn on Tuesday and went viral when former Indian leg spinner twitted,

This tweet is being liked by every Indian fans, and Amit Mishra smartly teases Shahid Afridi on his record of taking retirement from International cricket for 5 times.

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