Breaking News: ICC Provided Important Verdict On Shifting The World Cup

The upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, scheduled for 2024, has sparked discussions and rumors about a potential change in the host venue. Initially set to be jointly hosted by the West Indies and the United States of America (USA), recent reports suggest that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is contemplating a shift in the host nation due to concerns over inadequate infrastructure in the USA.

This development has raised questions about the feasibility of hosting such a significant cricketing event in America and has led to speculations of England becoming a possible replacement host. However, USA Cricket (USAC) and the ICC have provided statements addressing these reports.

One of the primary issues cited regarding the USA as a host nation is the lack of suitable infrastructure for major cricketing events. The current state of cricket infrastructure in America is not yet on par with international standards, making it a cause for concern. ICC has reportedly contemplated requesting England to host the T20 World Cup 2024, given their well-established cricketing infrastructure and experience in hosting global tournaments.

On June 7th, USA Cricket issued an official statement addressing the reports of a potential venue change. The USA Cricket Board acknowledged the infrastructure concerns but expressed confidence in their ongoing efforts to develop and enhance cricket facilities in the country. They cited the upcoming Major League Cricket (MLC) scheduled from July 13th to July 30th as a significant step towards showcasing their progress.

An ICC member, quoted by NDTV, refuted the reports of discussions surrounding a venue change for the T20 World Cup 2024. According to the ICC representative, no talks have been about shifting the tournament away from the West Indies and the USA.

The ICC assured cricket fans and stakeholders that an official announcement regarding the tournament’s venues would be made soon, providing clarity and ending the speculation surrounding the host nation.

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A USA Cricket official was quoted as saying by NDTV: “We have not had any discussions with the ICC in this regard. We are giving our best to create the necessary infrastructure for the T20 World Cup 2024, with the mega event still a year away. It is natural to worry about the stadium not being ready because America does not host cricket matches regularly. Still, we will organize Major League Cricket, whose successful hosting will remove all these concerns.”

On the other hand, an ICC member was quoted as saying by NDTV: “The ICC has not discussed with anywhere and anyone about shifting the T20 World Cup 2024 out of West Indies and America. An announcement will be made soon on the venues of this tournament.”

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