Breaking News: Gautam Gambhir to Lead Team India as Coach? The IPL owner makes a Shocking claim regarding his appointment.

Is Gautam Gambhir to take over as head coach of the Indian cricket team? Since the end of the IPL 2024, that rumor appears to be the most credible one. Kolkata Knight Riders won the championship in spectacular fashion while Gambhir was their coach. Prior to 2024, Gambhir served as the Lucknow Super Giants’ coach.

Under Gambhir, the KL Rahul-led team made it into the IPL playoffs two seasons in a row. It appears that Gambhir is currently being considered to be the future coach of the Indian cricket team.

For the purpose of selecting an Indian cricket team coach, the formal application deadline has passed. The Google Sheets for the position of the future India coach have to be turned in by Monday.

Details on possible background activities were provided in a Cricbuzz article. The publication was informed that the appointment of a former Indian cricket player as the team’s coach is “done deal and the announcement will come soon” by a “very high-profile owner of an IPL franchise, who is very close to the BCCI top brass.” A “high profile commentator” reportedly informed them that significant attempts are being made to include the KKR mentor.

Though no formal announcement has been made, the newspaper also noted that this indicates that negotiations are still ongoing on a number of fronts, “between the two parties and, perhaps, with some others too.”

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