“Big stars of Indian team always try to create pressure…” Nitin Menon Provided Scathing Claim On Indian Team

Umpiring in cricket matches involving the Indian team is widely regarded as one of the most challenging tasks in the profession. The intense scrutiny, the presence of passionate fans, and the amplified attention on social media make it a high-pressure role. However, Nitin Menon, the only Indian umpire in the ICC Elite Panel, sees this pressure as an opportunity for growth rather than a burden. His experience officiating in India and his upcoming debut in the prestigious Ashes series reflect his determination to excel in the face of immense challenges.

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions that limited his duties to home matches, Menon’s umpiring career has been steadily progressing. He had the opportunity to officiate matches in the last two T20 World Cups held in the UAE and Australia, and he also travelled to England for a series against South Africa. Since his induction into the ICC Elite Panel in June 2020, Menon has officiated in 15 Tests, 24 ODIs, and 20 T20 Internationals, gaining valuable experience and honing his skills.

In an interview with PTI, Menon revealed that umpiring matches involving the Indian team had been a tremendous learning experience. He acknowledged the constant pressure exerted by the big stars of the Indian team to influence decisions in their favour. Menon emphasized the importance of maintaining self-control and not succumbing to external pressures, highlighting that such challenges have strengthened his confidence as an umpire. By remaining focused and composed, he has been able to rise above the pressure created by players and concentrate on making accurate decisions.

Nitin said, “When India plays in India, there is a lot of hype, a lot of big stars in the Indian team they always try to create pressure on you, they always try to get those 50-50 decisions in favour of them, but if we are in control of ourselves under pressure, then we don’t focus on what they are trying to do. It shows that I am strong enough to handle any situation rather than getting worked up by the pressure created by players. That has given me a lot of self-confidence.”

“Leading the Indian international panel of umpires at home has also been a big responsibility. I did not have much experience initially (when he entered ICC elite panel), but the last three years have helped me grow as an umpire,” said the only Indian in the elite panel.

Menon’s journey has not been without its share of responsibilities. As the leader of the Indian international panel of Umpires, he had to navigate the initial lack of experience upon entering the ICC Elite Panel. However, Menon’s growth as an umpire has been remarkable over the past three years. He has embraced the challenges and has emerged as a respected figure within the cricketing fraternity, carrying the hopes and expectations of Indian umpires on his shoulders.

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“It will be a great series. I was there last year in England when they hosted South Africa. I could see what ‘Bazball’ is. So I know what to expect. Australia has a fantastic bowling lineup, and England, the way they are playing, is redefining test cricket. The stakes will be high, but for me, every match is between bat and ball. Will keep it simple just watch the ball and make decisions accordingly. I am very excited about it, too, as this was my dream. I could not do the previous Ashes as it happened during COVID. So really looking forward to it, and hopefully, I will give my best shot there.” Nitin further added.

Menon’s journey as an umpire continues progressing, with the upcoming Ashes series marking another significant milestone in his career. Having already umpired matches in England during South Africa’s tour, he is familiar with the unique atmosphere of English cricket. Menon is well aware of the stakes involved in the Ashes series and the quality of cricket expected from Australia and England. However, he remains grounded and focused on his role, emphasizing the simplicity of his approach watching the ball and making decisions accordingly.

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