Big Blow To Pakistan Just Ahead of World Cup 2023, Veteran Speedster Announced Retirement From All Formats Of Cricket

Pakistan’s cricket landscape is witnessing the end of an era as fast bowler Wahab Riaz announces his retirement from international cricket after a distinguished 15-year career representing his country. Wahab’s decision marks the conclusion of an illustrious journey in national colors, while he remains committed to contributing to franchise cricket.

Throughout his international career, Wahab Riaz showcased his bowling prowess in 27 Tests, 91 ODIs, and 36 T20Is for Pakistan. His impact was felt across formats, with 83 wickets in Tests, 120 in ODIs, and 34 in T20Is. His fast-paced deliveries, frequently clocking around 145 kmph, including a record speed of 154.5 kmph during the 2015 World Cup game against India, left an indelible mark on cricket enthusiasts.

One of Wahab’s most iconic moments came during the 2015 World Cup quarter-final against Australia. A face-off between Wahab and Australian cricketer Shane Watson captured global attention. Watson’s on-field taunts directed at Wahab’s batting skills in the first innings fueled a fierce exchange. Wahab responded with a fiery spell of fast bowling that rattled the Australian team. Although Pakistan eventually lost the match, Wahab’s performance was hailed as one of the most memorable and electrifying bowling spells in recent cricket history.

Despite the match’s outcome, Wahab’s spirited performance garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying his reputation as a formidable fast bowler. His contribution to Pakistan’s cricket legacy extended beyond statistics, embodying the fierce spirit and passion that define the sport.

In his retirement statement, Wahab expressed gratitude for the honor and privilege of representing Pakistan internationally. He cited his two-year contemplation of retirement plans. He expressed confidence that his journey in franchise cricket would allow him to entertain and inspire audiences while competing against top talents worldwide.

Wahab said in a press statement, “I have been speaking about my retirement plans past two years, that 2023 is my target to retire from International cricket. I feel comfortable now more than ever that I have served my country and National team to the best I could have. Representing Pakistan on the international stage has been an honor and a privilege. As I bid farewell to this chapter, I am thrilled to embark on a new adventure in franchise cricket, where I hope to entertain and inspire audiences while competing against some of the best talents in the world.”

Wahab’s retirement marks the closing of a chapter in Pakistan cricket, but his legacy as a dedicated and impactful fast bowler will continue to resonate. His name will forever be associated with the fierce battles on the cricket field, his fiery deliveries challenging batters, and his unwavering commitment to the sport he loves. As he transitions to a new phase, the impact of Wahab Riaz’s contribution to the cricketing world remains etched in the game’s annals.

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