Befitting Reply From Shikha Pandey To Fans After She Questioned Siraj’s Behavior In The IPL 2023

The name of veteran Indian pacer and RCB’s pacer Mohammed Siraj is in discussion these days for his bowling and his attitude on the field. In the last match against Delhi Capitals, Siraj was also seen engaging with batsman Phil Salt, after which Siraj was criticized a lot.

At the same time, Indian women’s cricketer Shikha Pandey made a tweet without naming Siraj, about which Siraj’s fans were disappointed and were seen trolling the female cricketer.

Women’s cricketer Shikha has also written her point by tweeting.
In fact, after the match against Delhi, Shikha tweeted, “Swearing won’t help anyone win any games!!”

Shikha’s tweet created a stir among Siraj’s fans, and they started tweeting and replying to the Indian women bowler. Siraj’s fans fiercely tried to troll Shikha.

At the same time, the female bowler responded to those trolling fans by tweeting, and the things she has written are winning hearts.

Shikha wrote in a series of tweets, giving a befitting reply to the trolls, “I’ve always been in awe of Mohammed Siraj’s bowling. What he has achieved in his career thus far is incredible, inspiring & incomparable. So folks trying hard to make it appear as if I implied something else, please take your conversations elsewhere.”

“Also, if you think hurling abuse on my T.L. or someone else’s helps you get your point across, please continue to do so. I can speak for myself; it does NOT. P.S. I’m heading to the kitchen to wash the dishes, with Papa lending me a hand in preparing dinner.” She further tweeted.

Siraj was also seen getting angry during the match against RCB and Lucknow. Siraj was also seen arguing with Naveen-ul-Haq. By the way, Siraj has performed brilliantly with his bowling and has taken 15 wickets in 10 matches.

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