‘BCCI Need To Change Their Mentality For The Players Above 30’ , Star Indian Opener All Set To Play For Other Country

Every Indian cricket fan might remember the India tour of England back in 2014. When all the batting stars including Virat Kohli were running through poor form, the former Indian opener Murli Vijay played more than 1000 deliveries against a world-class swing bowling combo of James Anderson and Stuart Broad.

Now Murli Vijay is no longer part of the Indian Cricket Team and he is not even playing for his domestic side. The opener played his last match for India in 2018 against Australia in Perth and after some failures, he was axed from the squad. Since then Murli Vijay has not gotten any call from the team.

The 38-years old batter has got a cheeky dig at the BCCI and has expressed his desire to move abroad for Cricket.

While talking to Sportstar, Vijay said, “I am almost done with BCCI (smiles) and looking for opportunities abroad. I want to play a little bit of competitive cricket.”

After the omission from the team, the opener has played county cricket for Essex and he did fairly well. Vijay has suggested that the BCCI needs to change its mentality toward the player’s age and adopt better selection criteria.

Murli Vijay further added, “After 30 in India, it’s a taboo (smiles). I think people see us as 80-year-olds walking on the street. The media should also address it differently. I feel you are peaking in your 30s. Sitting here right now, I feel I can bat the best way I can. But unfortunately, the opportunities were fewer, and I had to search for chances outside.”

“I honestly feel as a person, you can only do what’s in your hand. You can’t control the uncontrollable. Whatever happened happened.”

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