“Alyesa Haley is my…”Venketesh Iyer gives a massive statement on Mitchell Starc and his better half

After their championship victory over SRH on Sunday, May 26, KKR’s Venkatesh Iyer made the decision to denounce Mitchell Starc and declared that Alyssa Healy is currently his favorite Australian. Currently serving as the captain of the Australian women’s cricket team, Starc is married to Healy. The middle of the competition was when she joined the KKR camp.
Following the championship victory, Venkatesh said something that made Starc chuckle, so he acted to turn away. Healy had to depart before the final, according to the KKR batter, and she had emailed the team her best wishes prior to Sunday’s game. “Alyssa, not Mitch Starc, is my favorite Australian at the moment. He ranks second.”
Spending a major occasion like this with your family is a fantastic idea. Alyssa had to go, unfortunately. She communicated her preferences to us prior to the game,” Venkatesh remarked. As Starc put it, having the families there was fantastic, and ultimately, their support was what made things work.

“The family is out here with us. Before we departed the hotel, condolences were sent by the extended staff to the remainder of the group. They were all over the place during the tournament. Their assistance has made all of this possible,” Starc remarked.
Following Healy’s arrival in India for the competition, Starc claimed that his IPL 2024 had changed. Since Alyssa arrived, Starc told Star Sports, “everything has been better.”
Player of the Match honors in both Qualifier 1 and the Final versus SRH were won by Starc, who had a poor start but gathered up steam towards the end of the season. Although Starc was the most expensive player in the history of the auctions, he ended up taking 17 wickets in his IPL comeback season.

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