“After two or three drinks…..” Virat Kohli’s Shared Unhread “Drink And Dance” Story Of His Life

Former India captain Virat Kohli is counted among the fittest players in the world. Virat also rules the world of fitness due to his six-pack abs. However, to maintain this fitness, Kohli sweats heavily in the gym and also takes great care of his diet.

Nowadays, Virat Kohli, who has become an example for the young generation due to his fitness, used to party hard at once, and nothing like discipline used to matter in his life. Recently, on the red carpet show of Indian Sports Honor, Virat wreaked havoc with Anushka and told funny stories from his old days.

In fact, Kohli and Anushka were involved in a rapid round of questions about who sets the dance floor on fire the most. In response to this, Anushka pointed towards Kohli. Kohli was a little surprised by the answer from the wife, but after accepting this, he shared the story of his old days.

Kohli said, “I don’t drink now, but in the earlier days when I entered a party after two drinks, I used to hit the dance floor. After two or three drinks, I didn’t care anymore. However, I don’t drink anymore, and it’s a thing of the past.”

Virat Kohli has joined the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore to make a splash in IPL 2023. Kohli’s recent form is going on tremendously. Virat’s bat has yielded runs in all three formats in the last year, and he also scored a half-century in the last ODI against Australia. This is why the RCB team will expect a bang from its star player this season.

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