“4 to 5 players were…”Ex Pakistan cricketer makes a Bold revelation

Pakistan’s cricket team is likely to undergo significant changes in the coming months, according to Pakistan Cricket Board head Mohsin Naqvi. The team, led by Babar Azam, has faced poor performances in both the 2023 ODI World Cup and the 2024 T20 World Cup, leading to doubts about its effectiveness. The backlash is particularly strong this time because Pakistan lost their first match to the USA, who were playing their first tournament, and then lost to India. These two defeats led to Pakistan’s elimination, even though they won their last two games.

There are also concerns about the team’s unity, as highlighted by a comment from coach Gary Kirsten that there is “no unity” within the team. Additionally, former captain Mohammad Hafeez has questioned the team culture, sharing an incident that occurred among players in the dressing room.

“If a player is resting in the changing area and we’re playing long cricket matches. If 4-5 players are resting there, should I permit that as a person who chooses the team?” Hafeez mentioned during a conversation on the internet with Adam Gilchrist and Michael Vaughan.

Then Vaughan inquired, “Did they need to rest?”

Hafeez said: “I honestly don’t know. When I entered the dressing room, I saw about 4-5 players sleeping during a Test match. I was surprised and asked them, “How can you do that?” If you act like this, you can’t be in the team. I want everyone to stay focused during the match. After the game, you can do whatever you want, it’s your personal life and I don’t interfere. But during the game, I expect everyone to concentrate. Keep in touch. If you’re a fast bowler, you can rest or take an ice bath, but you must focus on the game and see what the other team is doing. You can’t just disconnect during the game. Sadly, the media didn’t like this.”

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