Why Did MS Dhoni Turn Down A Multi-Crore Contract? Insights from a Bat Manufacturer

One of the most prominent faces in the IPL and world cricket, Ms. Dhoni, is the biggest ambassador of the game. Dhoni is known for not just his magic, which he does on the field, but also for what he does off the field.

As the IPL is around the corner, The former India captain has started to practice for the upcoming season of the Mega Cash Rich League. One of the things that drew everyone’s attention was Dhoni’s bat, which he used as a gesture for his old friend.

Dhoni used Stiker of his friend’s shop on his bat, which earned him a lot of appreciation from all around the world. Well, this was not the first time that Dhoni has helped someone with this kind of gesture.

A recent video that has surfaced across social media is of Mr. Somi Kohli, in which he revealed that Ms. Dhoni let go of a contract worth crores as he used the stiker of his manufacturer as a gesture for the help he got during his early playing days.
Soham Kohli revealed that Dhoni did not tell him about the contract; instead, he insisted that he put his stickers on his bat.

He tried to request his Dhoni, his mother, father, and even his wife and friend Paramjeet from Ranchi, but he did not listen to any of them, saying his decision was final. This had happened just before the World Cup, Soham Kohli said.

The latest picture of Ms. Dhoni practicing CSK jersy was all over the internet, in which he was seen using a prime sport stiker on his bat. A shop that is owned by his friend in Ranchi.

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