Why Did India Get an Easy T20 World Cup Group? Analyzing the Economics

According to Aakash Chopra, a former cricket player from India, the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup will employ a marketing ploy by assigning Australia, England, Pakistan, and India to advantageous groups. Along with Ireland (ranked 11) and two T20 World Cup rookies, USA and Canada, India and Pakistan are in Group A together. The giants had a relatively easy route to the Super 8 stage since Australia and England are grouped with Scotland (ranked 13), Namibia (ranked 14), and Oman (ranked 19).

Speaking in a video uploaded on his own YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra spoke about the group-making logistics.

“Logically, Scotland shouldn’t trouble England that much. (Group B) has Australia and England, and Scotland are the third biggest team. So the understanding has been kept that qualifying becomes certain,” he said, in a preview of the England-Scotland encounter on June 4.

“India and Pakistan are also in such a (favourable) group. This is pure economics. You want your main teams to progress,” he added.

According to Chopra, the plan is to make it impossible for the favorites to be unhappy. Consequently, countries such as Bangladesh and the Netherlands have been drawn alongside South Africa and Sri Lanka, where the likelihood of a surprise outcome is greater.

Bangladesh or the Netherlands have a great chance to advance to the top 2 as Sri Lanka is already behind after losing badly to South Africa in their initial Group D match. In addition, Chopra said that England has good depth in both the batting and bowling departments, which bodes well for the team’s chances in the next Twenty20 World Cup.

According to him, England has a strong chance of winning the championship again because they retained the majority of their team from that year. But a major factor in determining their chances will be how they perceive and perform given the circumstances.

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