What Arshdeep Said To His Parents At Airport On ‘Khalistan’ Criticism? Here Is A Surprising Revelation

The rising fast bowler of India Arshdeep Singh is facing so much criticism on social media after the game against Pakistan which was played on 4 September at Dubai International Stadium.

The bowler dropped the catch of Pakistan’s Asif Ali which eventually cost India and the team lost the match by 5 wickets. The hate for Arshdeep went on to a high point and even a user edited his Wikipedia page and claimed him as ‘Khalistani’.

In all these patches for Arshdeep, his parents have a deep and strong belief that their son will mark a strong and furious comeback very soon. Arshdeep’s father Darshan Singh and his mother Baljeet Kaur were present in Dubai to watch the mega clash of India and Pakistan. The moment Arshdeep dropped the catch, he was treated like a scapegoat.

Speaking on Arshdeep while having a conversation with Indian Express, his father said, “As a parent, it feels really bad. He is only 23. I don’t want to say much about trolls. You can’t shut everyone’s mouth. Without fans, there is no game. There are some who stand by you no matter what and others who can’t digest a single loss. But at the end of the day, only one team can win.”

His mother Baljeet said, “Arshdeep told us that the whole Indian team is supporting him.”

Darshan’s father said that they talked to Arshdeep before boarding a flight for Chandigarh from Dubai and Arshdeep is not giving serious ears to the criticism while talking to his parents, Arshdeep’s exact words were, “I am laughing at all these tweets and messages. I am only going to take positives from it. This incident has only given me more confidence.”

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