USA’s penalty saga: Why was the USA reprimanded with a 5 runs penalty against India?

The United States of America was handed a double blow against India. The United States lost their first game of the tournament, and they were also handed a 5-run penalty by the officials.
The USA were reprimanded with a five-run penalty at a crucial stage of the game when they were defending 35 runs from the final five overs.

On-field umpire Paul Rifel signaled the five-run penalty as the umpire pointed out that there were three instances in which the USA took more than a minute to start their overs.
As per rule, a team gets reprimanded with a five-run penalty if they take more than one minute on three occasions in an inning.
“As per the stop clock rule, the fielding side is expected to start a new over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over,” the ICC rulebook states. “An electronic clock, counting down from 60 to zero, will be displayed on the ground, with the onus on the third umpire to determine the start of the clock.

“The failure of the fielding side to be ready to bowl the first ball of their next over within the stipulated 60 seconds of the previous over being completed attracts two warnings. Subsequent breaches would lead to a five-run penalty per incident.” 
On the other hand, the pressure on Team India was reduced because of the five runs as they chased down the target with 10 balls to spare.

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