Unveiling The Secret: “Whisky on the Rocks “- A Just-Retired India Star Makes Shocking Revelation About Umpires In Ranji Trophy

Team India’s ex-batsman and former Bengal team captain, Manoj Tiwari, has been all over the news for quite a while now.

The Ranji Trophy has been one of the most prominent domestic tournaments in India, and it has been able to produce some good players who went on to become match winners for India on the international stage.

However, ex-team India player Manoj Tiwari has made some shocking claims about the Ranji trophy and wants BCCI to know about the same.
The former opener for India feels that the umpires who are officiating the Ranji Trophy should also go through a dope test.

Manoj Tiwari said, “I will definitely do it. If a player has to go through all these dope tests, it should be extended to umpires as well. Many times, I have seen umpires walk out in the middle while still nursing a hangover. The umpires have looked sleepy. How can he function properly in such a situation?”

” I asked, “Sir, kya liye tha kal raat mein? (Sir, what did you drink last night?).

The reply was, “I prefer whisky on the rocks.” And they laugh. BCCI should get the hearing sample and eyesight of every umpire checked before the start of the domestic season.

Well, this is not the first time Tiwari has been making such eligations; earlier, he posted a tweet saying that the Ranji trophy should be scrapped, for which he was fined 20% of his match fees.

He also made eligations for former Indian skipper MS Dhoni for finishing his career and would like to ask him why he did so.

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