Tragedy Strikes: Makeup Artist of Irfan Pathan Passes Away

A makeup artist named Fayaz Ansari from Bijnor, who was with former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan for the T20 World Cup, sadly drowned in a swimming pool in the West Indies. This has caused great distress to his family. Fayaz Ansari comes from Nagina in Bijnor.

22 years ago, Fayaz Ansari from Mohalla Qazi Sarai in Nagina Tehsil, Bijnor, relocated to Mumbai and opened his own salon. Pathan started going to his salon for makeup services. Eventually, Pathan chose Ansari as his personal makeup artist and brought him on international travels.

Mohammad Ahmed, the cousin of the late makeup artist, said that the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is happening in the USA and West Indies. The Super 8 games are in the West Indies. Pathan, who is commentating, is there and brought Ansari with him. They found out that on Friday night, June 21, Ansari drowned in a hotel pool while swimming. This has made his family very sad.

Mohammad Ahmed, who is also Ansari’s cousin, said that Ansari got married just two months ago and had moved to Mumbai from Nagina, Bijnor only eight days before. The sudden accident has made the family very upset, especially his wife and other relatives who are very sad.

Mohammad Ahmed also said that Irfan Pathan is taking care of everything in the West Indies to bring Ansari’s body back to India. The family will meet the body in Delhi, and it will probably take three to four days to get there.

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