“The Criticism we are facing is…”Mohammad Rizwan’s blunt statement on Pakistan’s poor performance in the T20 world Cup

The post Mortem of the Pakistan cricket team’s performance after their poor showing in the T20 World Cup has been harsh. Pakistan was considered a potential threat to every team, but they didn’t make it past the group stage. They were shocked by the USA, who were hosting the tournament for the first time, in their first match, and then lost a close game to their main rivals. These losses meant Pakistan couldn’t qualify for the next stage, and this outcome has caused a lot of criticism from both current and past cricket players.

Babar Azam and his team have faced harsh criticism from fans and former cricket players, with some even calling for the entire team to be replaced due to their poor performance in the T20 World Cup.

Mohammad Rizwan, the team’s wicketkeeper, has acknowledged the criticism the Pakistani players are receiving, stating that it is all part of a significant learning experience.

“The criticism we are facing is fair because we did not meet the expectations. Players who cannot handle criticism will not succeed. We are disappointed with our performance in the T20 World Cup. There are various reasons for our losses. When a team loses, it’s not just about the bowling and batting,” Rizwan mentioned during a press conference in Peshawar.

The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mohsin Naqvi, mentioned the word “operation” in a recent press conference, suggesting that the board might take strong actions against the players.

Rizwan, speaking on this topic, acknowledged that the PCB leader has the authority to shape Pakistan’s cricket future.

“Operations are common. When someone is sick, an operation is needed. The PCB Chairman works very hard. It’s his decision who stays on the team and who doesn’t,” he said.

Rizwan also had a poor performance in the T20 World Cup, scoring only 110 runs with an average of 36.66 and a low strike rate of 90.90.

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