Shaheen Afridi Gets Married To Ansha Afridi, Video Gets Viral

On Tuesday, September 19, the star Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Afridi tied the knot with Ansha Afridi, the daughter of former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi in Karachi. Pictures and videos from these moments have gained the widespread attention of fans on social media. They are extending their heartfelt congratulations to the celebrated Pakistani speedster.

Before tying the knot, the couple had a Mehendi celebration on Monday which was hosted at the residence of Shahid Afridi. This cheerful event was graced by their close friends and family members. It’s worth mentioning that Shaheen and Ansha had previously engaged to each other in 2021, and their Nikah ceremony occurred on February 3 of this year.

According to Insidesport, Shaheen Afridi once said, “It was my marriage so obviously, it was me who thought about marrying her. Lala and my brother have been friends for a very long time, and our elders know each other too. So, my mother went ahead with the rishta (proposal) and the families agreed.”

“There wasn’t a proper first meet-up as such. We used to go to each other’s houses. Whenever they’d come to our house I’d see her around and then we met at our Nikah. They say that you should always have a life partner that appreciates you and thank God I have that. She doesn’t get involved much but has always supported me,” he added.

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