Riyan Parag Provided Strong Reply To Online Trolls

Young all-rounder Riyan Parag, a highly-rated talent in Indian cricket, has faced significant criticism and hate from certain sections of the audience. Despite his impressive performances in domestic cricket and promising outings in the Deodhar Trophy, Riyan Parag has struggled to replicate the same success in the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, he remains undeterred by the trolls and enjoys the game with his unique flair and individuality.

Riyan Parag’s skills as an all-rounder have earned him accolades and recognition in domestic cricket. He has been a part of the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, where his performances have been a mix of brilliance and inconsistency. Despite his contributions with both bat and ball, some expectations from fans and critics have been unmet.

Despite facing criticism for his performances, Riyan Parag remains unfazed and continues to entertain fans with his jubilant celebrations, including dance moves after taking catches. He has displayed his worth with the ball on multiple occasions. However, his on-field antics and attitude toward the opposition have also attracted negative attention.

Riyan Parag opens up about the hate he receives on social media and how people find fault in every aspect of his game and demeanor. Everything has been scrutinized, From chewing gum to how he wears his jersey to his playful off-field activities. Riyan Parag admits that he may not conform to the traditional rulebook of cricket, but he chooses to be authentic to himself.

To Indian Express, Riyan explained: “People have a problem with me chewing gum. If my collar is up, that’s a problem. I celebrate after taking a catch that’s a problem. They have a problem with me gaming and playing golf in my off time. I have an idea why people hate me. There is a rulebook about how you should play cricket. The T-shirt should be tucked in, the collar should be down, give respect to everyone, don’t sledge anyone, and I am completely the opposite.”

Despite the pressure and negativity surrounding him, Riyan Parag emphasizes that he started playing cricket for the game’s fun and still plays with the same joy and enthusiasm. He acknowledges that people might not understand or accept his carefree attitude, but he remains undeterred, knowing that he enjoys the game at a high level and is grateful for the opportunity.

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“I had a decent Deodhar Trophy, and now people are saying what a talent. Tomorrow I will fail in one game and people are going to talk s**t about me. There is no point giving a thought to those faceless trolls. No one has come down to me and told me their exact problem with me. I started playing cricket because it is fun and I am still playing cricket for the fun part. People can’t digest that I am playing on such a big level, and I am enjoying it. People think I am not grateful.” Parag added.

Riyan Parag’s mother has been a source of support during the challenging times. He advises her to avoid social media to avoid the negative impact of trolls and haters. Riyan emphasizes that he is not bothered by criticism and is committed to staying true to himself, sharing his opinions, and embracing his individuality.

Riyan stated, “I have stopped thinking about all this. No matter what you do, people are going to have a problem with me. My only advice to her is this is going to happen regardless of whether I do well or bad. I have told her to stay off Instagram and Facebook. They do go through trauma but I don’t think anyone cares about it. I am the kind of guy who likes to share his opinion, enjoy my cricket and I am not going to change. I have been clear that I do not care about what people say on social media.”

Despite the criticism and scrutiny, Riyan Parag has continued to shine in domestic cricket, as showcased by his outstanding performances in the Deodhar Trophy 2023. As the tournament’s leading run-scorer and player, he demonstrated his abilities as an all-rounder and reaffirmed his talent on the cricketing stage.

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