Reports: PCB Will Pay Four Times More To Their Players, Bows Down To Players’ Demand

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken a significant step by announcing a substantial salary hike for its star players, including Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Afridi. This move comes ahead of implementing the ICC’s new revenue model, which is expected to double the board’s earnings.

The PCB’s decision aims to boost the team’s morale and incentivize the players to maintain exceptional field performance. The new player categorization in contracts is also noteworthy, as it departs from the previous approach of segregating Test and white-ball players.

Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Afridi have been placed in Category A, making them eligible for a substantial monthly salary of PKR 4.5 million (approximately $15,900 or ₹13.14 lakhs).

Category B players will receive PKR 3 million per month (approximately $10,600 or ₹8.76 lakhs). In comparison, those in Categories C and D earn PKR 0.75 to 1.5 million monthly (approximately $2650 to $5300 or ₹2.19 to ₹4.38 lakhs).

Despite potential challenges posed by the depreciation of the Pakistan rupee and rising inflation rates in the country, the salary hike is expected to have a significant impact and provide the players with much-deserved financial stability.

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